Activities in this program include counting, sorting, 1:1 correspondence, and matching. The math area helps to develop fine motor skills, logical thinking and language development. It also helps with the development of concentration and coordination.


Children are very curious about all aspects of the world. What happens when we mix red and yellow together? What is this live caterpillar going to turn into? How do we make play dough? These are a few questions our preschoolers will explore and learn about through experiments, observation and hands-on learning.

 Field Trips

We want our children to learn about culture, history, and how to be citizens of our community. One way we implement this, is through taking field trips to various places around the city. We embrace the great resources that New York City has to offer such as, The Transit Museum, The Museum of Natural History, the New York Aquarium, the Painted Pot and various other places both local to Carroll Gardens and throughout the boroughs.


This class time provides a balanced music program encouraging musical growth, creativity, and teaching simple musical elements. Fun songs, activities, and movement will be used to incorporate memory, rhyming, and sounds.


Our art time is a hands-on creative experience. The program assists preschoolers in developing self-esteem and critical thinking abilities. Children are given the opportunity to explore a variety of art experiences through numerous mediums. We build 3-D crafts, group projects, as well as individual art projects.


Running, jumping, dancing and skipping, are just some of the components of this movement program. Through creative motions, the children will be increasing their large (gross) motor skills.


Technology is such a huge part of our lives these days. We couple learning how to use a point-and-click mouse with reading/phonics games on a computer. Through various reading programs, our pre-schoolers learn about their letters, sounds and basic sight words in both English and Spanish.